Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation

Richard Davidson

Richard Davidson

Richard J. Davidson on contemplative neuroscience and neuroplasticity, on the relationships of brain and experience.

A summary from GoogleTechTalks channel on Youtube:

“Google Tech Talk
September 23, 2009


Presented by Richard J. Davidson

In this talk, Richard J. Davidson will explore recent scientific research on the neuroscience of positive human qualities and how they can be cultivated through contemplative practice. Distinctions among different forms of contemplative practices will be introduced and they will be shown to have different neural and behavioral consequences, as well as important consequences for physical health in both long-term and novice practitioners. New research also shows that meditation-based interventions delivered online can produce behavioral and neural changes. Collectively, this body of research indicates that we can cultivate adaptive neural changes and strengthen positive human qualities through systematic mental practice.”

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