Mindfulness Visualized

A very nice visualization/presentation on how mindfulness and the mind-body relationships work.

Semantics and the Mind

Semantics and the Mind

Carefully chosen words of a secular neutral nature. No link back to Buddhism is made, which can be useful, although the mention of concepts of impermanence, emptiness and interconnectedness is a giveaway where the ideas orignate. (It makes me wish, again, it would be possible to approach the topic the same way my native language, which is unfortunately complicated, as just choosing one of the many words denoting various aspects of the English “mindfulness” would make the topic automatically sound artificial, dubious and a tad new agey – but I’m sure there is a way).

The main website itself relies on a minimalist and simple approach to relevant topics and covers mindfulness, fitness, family, nutrition and sleep. Cudos to Mason for the effort. Most of what has been posted there is of practical value, which includes some material on sleep that can initially make a skeptic raise an eyebrow.


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